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The Durham Bus Stop

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The Durham Bus Stop will cover all aspects of all bus news from the variety of companies. Most commonly updates will be of fleet changes and if any service changes occur.

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Durham Bus Update 01/01/13

Arriva Durham County

Durham depot has finally closed its doors for the very last time with all work now being operated from the new facility at Belmont meaning there is only one depot left that was United operated and still in use which is Jesmond.  The depot has been operated by United and then transferred to Arriva and is in a more suitable location being just 1 minute away from the bus station but 1 depot is cheaper to run than two leading to the closure. The structure still currently stands with its doors and gates locked ready for demolition and the building of 19 dwellings.

SAM_0470 - Copy

This is Durham depot on the final night of operation on the 1st December 2012 with very little vehicles being stored and getting ready to be transferred to the new site in Belmont Industrial Estate.

In line with the October service changes E Type 7261 M172 GRY and N183 OYH have moved to Durham. Other vehicle transfers include Scania OmniCity’s CX05 EOW, CX05 EOY, NK05 GXA, NK05 GXH, NK05 GXL and NK05 GXM to Darlington depot leaving Durham with only CX05 EOV, NK05 GWZ, NK07 FZF and NK07 FZG. Also, we have gained DAF DB250 R201 CKO from Arriva Merseyside and vehicles transferred from Darlington which are Darts X534 GGO, X535 GGO, S638 KHN, R428 COO, R429 COO and R430 COO. Furthermore Durham have acquired two VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini’s from Blyth depot which are NK61 EBG and NK61 EBJ. DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige S704 KFT  has also moved to Teesside which was semi-refurbished after major engine failure. Also Optare Solo 2815 YK08 ETL has transferred to Jesmond for NexusBus duties.

SAM_0287 - Copy

Here E Type 7261 approaches Bishop Auckland Bus Station on the newly extended 56 from the October Service changes.

SAM_0207 - Copy

Recently transferred 1315 stands outside Durham depot awaiting duties.

SAM_0502 - Copy

Pulsar 1461 is seen in Crook on the re-introduced 46 service ready to head back to Durham.

Central Coaches of Newton Aycliffe

The vehicle on Arriva’s service 42 providing custom from Durham to Brasside goes off to operate a school journey on a morning and on an afternoon and therefore Central Coaches operate a Fiat Bluebird van which comes off the Newton Aycliffe circular to operate 2 round trips whilst Arriva’s vehicle is out on school duties. It is painted white with small logos.

Go North East

All Volvo B5HL’s are now in service on the Angel Service 21 giving the service a brand new high-profile as they sport leather headrests, Wi-fi, Next-Stop Technology and an outstanding upgrade to the livery. There are also 2 old bodied Wright Gemini’s in the same two-tone green livery to backup for the hybrids. They are extremely smooth and comfortable to ride and make quite an impact in Durham when next to some of Arriva’s 18 year old Deckers.

SAM_0200 - Copy

Here, NK62 CZL is unloading in Durham Bus Station showing off its striking new livery.

SAM_0279 - Copy

Also, the X20 is now withdrawn with the X21 now operating every 30 minutes, this image above shows the last ever X20 journey in Durham.

Scarlet Band of West Cornforth

To cater for the increased PVR they have acquired 8 Enviro 200 Darts which are  all painted white with small red Scarlet Band logos and are mostly found on the new Hourly 58 service as well as many other contracted routes such as the 47 and Barnard Castle services.


Here Scarlet Band Enviro 200 Dart MX10 KNO is seen in Brandon on the first journey of the contracted 47 Service. – Thanks to Alex Kennedy for photo –

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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Durham Service Changes from 28/10/12

After the long process of identifying all the service changes coming into force from the 28th October here is a summary of all of them within Durham.

Arriva Express Services X1/X2 – Both will operate every 30 miutes throughout the day. The X1 is running a different route between Middlesbrough and Stockton running via Thornaby Railway Station, Teesdale University and the A66. Evening and Sunday journeys now see the X1 operate hourly throughout the year instead of hourly during term-time only and two-hourly outside of term-time. Some journeys will also be operated using double-decker buses to improve capacity. The X2 is also changing route serving Windsor Road in Birtley, John Dobson Street toward Newcastle and St Nicholas Cathedral toward Durham.

Arriva Service 6 – Upgraded to every 12 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes. Service consists of only route 6 with runs Durham – West Auckland with 2 buses an hour extending to Evenwood and Cockfield.

Arriva Services 7/7A – Continuing to run as every 15 minutes with all buses running as service 7. It will operate Durham – Darlington via Burnhill Way, Agnew Way and Woodham Way instead of operating through Central Avenue in Newton Aycliffe. The 7 will cease to operate to Framwellgate Moor, the Arnison Centre and Brasside except from 2 journeys each way which extend to Framwellgate Moor.

Go North East Services 15/15A -These will operate to the same timetable of operating every 30 minutes throughout Monday to Saturday daytimes. Double-deckers are also to be introduced to handle extra capacity at peak times.

Arriva Service 22 – The 22 is being upgraded to operate every 30 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays and hourly on evenings and Sundays. The 22 will operate the normal route (Durham – Thornley and Wheatley Hill) then run via Shotton Colliery, Peterlee, Horden and Blackhall terminating at Hartlepool. The 22 has been timed to offer a service every 15 minutes between Peterlee and Hartlepool and every 15 minutes between Peterlee and Durham.

Arriva Express Service X24 – The X24 is being upgraded to run two-hourly between Durham and the Metrocentre via Chester-le-Street. It is also serving Barley Mow Shops, Station Lane  and Windsor Road in Birtley. The service is no longer serving Bishop Auckland.

Arriva Services 24/24A/24B/24X – Simplification is being put in force to offer a half-hourly service on Monday to Saturday daytimes between Durham, Peterlee and Sunderland. All services run as the 24 only through Sherburn Village, Shadforth, Ludworth, Haswell, Shotton Colliery, Peterlee, Easington Village, Dalton Park, New Seaham and Ryhope then toward Sunderland. On evenings and Sundays the 24 will operate to Easington Colliery. Peak time only service 24X will continue to run express between Framwellgate Moor and Peterlee.

*NEW* Arriva Service 42 – The new service 2 is a new direct hourly link between Durham, the Arnison Centre and Brasside. There is no Sunday or evening service.

Arriva Service 43 – The 43 is being upgraded to every 15 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes and continuing to operate hourly on evenings and Sundays. Double-deckers are also being introduced to the route ease capacity at peak times.

Go North East ‘Diamond’ Services 43/44 – Service 44 will no longer serve White-le-Head, Tantobie and Clough Dene. It will now operate via Flint Hall and Pickering Nook

*NEW* Arriva Service 46 – The 46 has returned giving a direct link between Crook and Durham every 20 minutes and running hourly on evenings and Sundays.
At peak times on Mondays to Fridays, the 46 will extend to Stanhope running via Tow Law, Wolsingham and Frosterley once in each direction.

Arriva Service 48 – The 48 will continue to operate every 20 minutes throughout Monday to Satuday daytimes and hourly on evenings and Sundays. The 48 will now only operate between New Brancepeth and Durham at all times.

*NEW* Classic Coaches 48A – Classic Coaches are now operating a few evening journeys for service 48 Durham to New Brancepeth and Brandon. These services will operate after Arriva’s service finishes (from approximately 8pm) and it’s contracted to Durham County Council.

Arriva Services 49/49A – The 49 and 49A will now operate a new circular service around Brandon operating to every 10 minutes Durham – Brandon and every 20 minutes around the circle in each direction. The new route is the same as before from Durham to Langley Moor Boyne Hotel. Then it operates along Lowland Road and through Sawmills Estate. Before turning left and heading along Brandon Lane serving Brandon Turning Circle. Then it completes the loop heading along Brandon Lane to the Boyne Hotel and turning left going back towards Durham.

*NEW* Classic Coaches Service 49 – Classic Coaches are now operating a few evening journeys for service 49 between Durham and Brandon. It is not currently known what the exact route is as no actual timetable has been released.  The Classic 49 is contracted to Durham County Council.

Arriva Service 50 – The 50 will now operate hourly on Monday to Saturday daytimes between Durham, Langley Moor, Brandon, Willington, Bishop Auckland, Evenwood, Etherly Dene, Escomb, Witton Park, High Etherley, Toft Hill and then onto Ramshaw. This replaces the 6 between Ramshaw and Evenwood and the 86 services to Toft Hill.

*NEW* Classic Coaches Service 50 – Classic Coaches are now operating a few evening journeys for service 50. It is not currently known what route it will take as no actual timetable has been released but will presumably operate between Durham and Brandon.  The Classic 50 is contracted to Durham County Council.

Arriva Services 56/56A – The 56 is being revised running every 30 minutes from Durham to Bishop Auckland via Shincliffe, Bowburn, Coxhoe, West Cornforth, Ferryhill Station, Wood Lane Estate, Ferryhill, Kirk Merrington and Coundon village. This replaces the current 35 and 36 services between Ferryhill and Bishop Auckland.

Arriva Services 57 and 57A – Services 57/57A combine to operate a 30 minute service throughout Monday to Saturday daytimes between Durham and Coxhoe via Shinclife, Bowburn Estate. Then the 57 extends to Kelloe and the 57A will extend to Hartlepool via Trimdon Village, Trimdon Grange, Trimdon Colliery, Deaf Hill and Hartlepool General Hospital.

*NEW* Scarlet Band 57A – On evenings Scarlet Band will operate a connecting service from Coxhoe via Kelloe to Peterlee.

*NEW* Scarlet Band 58 – Scarlet Band will now operate service 58 from Durham to Peterlee via Shincliffe, Bowburn Estate, Coxhoe, Kelloe and Wheatley Hill. This service will operate hourly replacing the 57A that ran between Kelloe and Peterlee that is now withdrawn.

Arriva Services 63/64 – The 63 and 64 journeys will all be renumbered to service 64 and continuing to operate every 10 minutes throughout the day. 3 64’s an hour will terminate short in Gillesgate in Musgrave Gardens estate (as the 63 did) and the other 3 64 journeys extend to Sherburn Village. The evening service is also being upgraded to every 30 minutes between the Arnison Centre and Gilesgate via Durham City Centre. Then operating hourly to Musgrave Gardens and hourly to Sherburn. Sunday services  will run at different times and are no longer serving Brasside.

Arriva Service 754 – The 754 is being completely withdrawn due to low passenger numbers.

Arriva Scholar Services 853/854/857 – The 853/854 is continuing to operate as normal whereas the 857 is being merged as part of the 57A which will extend to Durham Johnson School running via Durham Bus Station.

Arriva University Service U1 – The 0728 journey from Durham North Road will now leave 5 minutes earlier at 0723 to improve reliability.

See more at details of the service changes and the new timetables at –

Seen below is recently transferred 7435 W501 RBB leaving Durham depot to go light to the Arnison Centre to start a run on the 64. 1 of 4 recent ALX400’s that arrived from Jesmond depot to operate in-line with Arriva’s service changes and upgrade Arriva Durham’s double-decker fleet.

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Arriva Durham Update 28/09/12

After 7 years of strong service Scania OmniCity’s CN94UB NK05 GXA, NK05 GXH, NK05 GXL, and NK05 GXM have left Durham and moved to Darlington for service X66 to make the service low floor. Also, according to the latest fleet allocation ex Liverpool OmniCity’s CX05 EOW and CX05 EOY are due to move to Darlington as well.  With a large vehicle swap-over spanning the entire North East Durham then gain 2 VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini 2’s. These are said to be 7618 NK61 EBG and 7619 NK61 EBJ. Also, an unusual transfer to Durham is in the shape of ex Jesmond E Type 7261 M172 GRY. Here below shows a view that now enters the history books with services such as 43 and X2 now gaining Durham’s strong fleet of 19 2011 Pulsars. In the distance is 4644 CX05 EOW which is also supposed to move this weekend as mentioned above.

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Arriva Durham Update 10/09/12

Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400’s  7432 W397 RBB, 7433 W398 RBB, 7434 W399 RBB and 7435 W501 RBB now see use at Durham depot with their CoastLiner vinlys removed and sporting new front Hanover Displays replacing the front powered scroller blinds. On their first day in service they saw use on the 2 754/50 workings but one also made a midday journey on the 43. Below is 7432 laying over in Durham before going onto the 43 and 7435 on the 754 to Langley Park.

In other news, 1722 V722 DNL has moved to Jesmond depot covering for a fire-damaged B10BLE. Also, presumably in exchange for the ALX400’s, Pulsars 1418 NK09 EJG and 1419 NK09 EJJ have moved to Jesmond. E Type 7263 was officially due up for disposal but now is being retained in service for reserve but sees daily use.

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Arriva Durham Update 23/08/12

First of all Prestige 4062 S704 KFT has finally returned to service with new standard flooring and standard cream handrails but still in old livery. Unusually it still does not wear a front Arriva logo. Here it is seen on the 64:

Optare Solo 2805 YK08 ERY has surprisingly appeared in the new standard livery and is seen in a very blurry shot exiting Durham Bus Station on the 48.

Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander ALX200’s Y258/259 KNB have been sent to Jesmond to get new panels fitted and painted into new standard livery and now see work at Blyth depot moving away from life at Durham onto less clam work. (Credit to Steven Hodgson from North East and Regional Bus Photos for photo).

Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 1301 X475 GGO has moved to Darlington and 1306 X526 GGO, 1311 X533 GGO, 1314 X537 GGO and 1315 X538 GGO all now see use at Durham depot.

Pulsar 1467 NK61 CXY now has a left yellow mirror handle making it stand out from the crowd.

Two odd workings recorded from Saturday were R641 MNU on the 64 making a pretty rare appearance in service and Lowlander 7442 on the 7. R641 MNU was also on loan to Darlington depot on the 21st due to a football match.

Also, MPD 1722 is currently on loan to Jesmond depot covering for a fire damaged refurbished Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown.

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Sightings in Durham City Centre 30/05/12

First of all the 754 had 2 Palatines in use which were R206 CKO and R209 CKO.

The X24 had E Type N164 VVO in use.

The 43 had an rare working today of Solo 2814 in place of the regular OmniCity. It worked alongside a 61 Plate Pulsar and NK07 FZF.

In the depot DAF S709 KFT was seeing attention.

Looking in a pretty bad state an unidentified Prestige looks to be in a withdrawn condition and Lowlander 7444 may see the same fate.

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Sightings in Durham City Centre 28/05/12

First, odd working consisted of Pulsar 1419 on the 48 in-place of the usual Solo or Prestige. It shows off its school bus sticker for service 452.

Schoolbus workings today consisted of E Types and Palatines. Here  7264 and 7452  are seen leaving Durham on the 855 and 854 respectively.

A more common working are Deckers on the 50A such as 7263 below. It also seems to have gained new panel joiners in the front which have yet to be painted.

The 43 today consisted of OmniCity 4644, 4657 and 4663. 4663 broke down at Broompark due to the brake pressure and causing the vehicle to stand stationary. Its replacement came in the form of Prestige 4069. Here 4657 is leaving Durham traveling up North Road.

Over on the 63 and 64 it consisted of the usual Y258/259 KNB, V722 DNL. Then Lowlanders 7442 and 7443 were used, alongside Dart 1501, Pulsar 1461 and finally Prestige 4073. Some of which are below.

Then, in the depot was Prestige 4068 getting its rear painted.

Prestige 4072 was getting its engine fixed.

Park and Ride Solo 2861 was getting general attention.

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Sightings in Durham City Centre 25/05/12

Firstly, Ex Scotland West Dart X537 GGO was suspended over the pits having maintenance done to it probably for use at Durham depot.

Solo 2803 was also over the pits having its engine examined.

Also, unusually outside, was Pulsar 1468 NK61 CXZ getting its tires checked by the fitters and E Type 7263 was parked adjacent for an unknown reason. Most likely for the same reason.

As for the 63 and 64 in use today was: OmniCity NK05 GWZ, ALX200 Darts Y258/295 KNB, MPD V722 DNL, OmniCity CX05 EOW, DAF S714 KRG, Solo YK08 ETR and Dart X475 GGO. Some of which are pictured below:

Meanwhile on the 43 were OmniCity’s CX05 EOV, NK05 GXM and NK07 FZG.

The only reported odd working today was Palatine R207 CKO 7450 in use on the long-winding 50A to Bishop Auckland.

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