Posted by: SB Websites | March 29, 2011

A daily DD working for 43?

As I said yesterday, Double Decker workings on the 43 are pretty rare, although today saw another similar Olympian working the 43, 7265, perhaps they have seen sense and have put a DD on to ease passenger numbers, although an Olympian daily is interesting, but if it’s a DD working for the 43, it may mean the sole ELC Lowlander 7441 may be used daily with the Viva Arriva regulations of a Fully Low Floor service on Durham routes. So today’s 43 is:

  • 4647 – NK05 GXA
  • 4657 – NK05 GXM
  • 7265 – N160 VVO


  1. You seem to come to conclusions quite quickly, nice work but dont make judgements from 2 days!

    • To Trevor,

      Thanks for the comment, you are correct and it turned out just to be a daily odd working, but this stopped on Friday when 4656 was in use instead.


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