Posted by: SB Websites | June 24, 2011

Its all Omni’s Today

Today saw a full Scania OmniCity service operate, unfortunately no variety. Still though, at least the service was fully low floor worked. In service were:

  • 4654 – NK05 GXH
  • 4656 – NK05 GXL
  • 4664 – NK07 FZG


  1. Hi,
    Any chance of doing ‘The 17 BLOG’ and I’ll tell you any info you need:
    Today’s Workings (Sun 24 Jul)
    506 X506 WRG
    512 X512 WRG
    513 X513 WRG

    • Hi Thomas,
      Unfortunately we are not planning to start any new blogs soon however you could do it yourself by creating a new blog. Infact, we are thinking about the possibility of closing down the 43 BLOG to allow for more time to be spent on other blogs which are much more popular.


  2. Well that is great

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