Posted by: SB Websites | July 26, 2011

26/07/11 43 Latest News

43 not serving Larks Hill

It’s been a while since I last placed news on the 43. The 43 is getting the service cut to avoid serving Larks Hill Estate in Esh Winning which is its most profitable section on the route. Arriva and Durham County Council tried to collaborate to why the service is being cut and reach an agreement on the subject, but instead led to Arriva not turning up to the meeting but JSB Travel, DCC and Go North East still attended. This led Arriva and DCC falling out which could make a possibilty of Arriva loosing the Park and Ride contract when it comes up for renewal. Instead, independent JSB travel who operate service 52/725 in the area are going to extend to serve Larks Hill although 6 times a day, not very 20 mins through the day.With the 43 not serving Larks Hill from next Sunday the service now takes 50 mins round trip instead of 57 but also will need to inter-work with an impossible tight timetable with another route which wont work as there is no other route to inter-work with of an appropriate time. The reason for Arriva cutting the Larks Hill section of the route isnt clear although it’s supposed to be connected about the new buses we are getting.

New Pulsar’s on the way

Another subject is that the 43 is due brand new VDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2’s. Apparently 3 for the 43 and 4 for Durham share on the X1/X2 rota. This is interesting as the 43 seems to get new vehicles every 5/6 years, first the Lowlanders in 2000, then Omnicity’s in 2005 and now Pulsars in 2011. Very nice!


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