Posted by: SB Websites | July 26, 2011

Broken down 7444

The 43 today started out with 7444 the only unpainted Lowlander in the fleet and 2 normal Omnicity’s. 7444 started out the day from 7am but only lasted until 11:50 because of its horrendous reliability and cut out all power in Ushaw Moor Estate.  It waited there for an hour until the fitter arrives in his van and managed to get it started again. 7444 started to go  back to depot whilst the fitter poured sand on the road to hide the oil scattered across it. It was then replaced by Scania N113DRB East Lancs 7263 and the 2 Omnicity’s also stayed on. 7444 always has these problems, it happens on a daily basis, how does Arriva cope?

Today’s 43:

  • 4656 – NK05 GXL
  • 4664 – NK07 FZG
  • 7444 – Y694 EBR s/o 7263 N162 VVO

Below is 7444 awaiting help at Ushaw Moor.



  1. No such thing as a Scania N113 Olympian:

    The Scania N113DRB and Volvo Olympian were both seperate double decker chassis.

    The East Lancs decker body was known as the East Lancs ‘E’ Type.

    • To Alexander,

      Sorry about that, my mistake! It was supposed to be East Lancs. It will be changed and thanks for bringing this to my attention.


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