Posted by: SB Websites | August 1, 2011

The new 43…

Today is the first weekday since the changes in Durham which has led to the 43 inter-working with the 46 to increase it to every 20 from 30 but this has also led to the 43 cutting the Larks Hill section of the route in Esh Winning which was the busiest place they serve. The new 43/46 requires a PVR of 6 so there will be 6 vehicles noted now on later updates. Minor timetable changes also occurred to help with the inter-working. The 43’s new allocation seems to be Omnicity’s, Pulsars or Prestiges. So starting off from the first day, the 43 had only 1 DAF in operation which was 4068, 1 of 2 Prestiges in the interurban livery and 5 other Omncity’s, another note is timekeeping, with the new timetable so tight, most workings are sometimes 10-15 minutes late although eventually I imagine the drivers will get used to the route. Todays 43 is:

  • 4068 – S710 KFT
  • 4646 – NK05 GWZ
  • 4654 – NK05 GXH
  • 4656 – NK05 GXL
  • 4657 – NK05 GXM
  • 4663 – NK07 FZF

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