Posted by: SB Websites | December 19, 2011

Depleting Quality…

Today the 43 had 1 decker in service which was one of the ex London Palatines 7450 R207 CKO. With a loud jerky Voith gearbox it has good acceleration until you hit a hill where it slowly changes down gears bellowing out black smoke across the Deerness Valley. As it was used on school work for a long period of time the back bench seats have no padding left leaving it pretty uncomfortable although it was pretty smooth when idle which makes a difference from the E-Types that idle like crazy. This worked alongside a Solo that didn’t go down well at peak times and a DAF. Below is what was on today.

  • 2811 – YK08 ETD
  • 4069 – S711 KFT
  • 7450 – R207 CKO

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