Posted by: SB Websites | December 20, 2011

Latest 43 News

PVR Change

For a time back through August, September and October the 43 interworked with the 46 to make the 46 operate every 20 minutes alongside the 43 that’s also every 20 minutes. Although the times were very tight and often led to terrible reliability. So in September the 43 stopped interworking and this made the 46 become operate with 4 vehicles by waiting in Durham for 15 minutes after the 1hr 5min trip from Durham to Crook and back again. This now means the 43 is back to a PVR of 3 every 20 minutes like it always has been making the service considerably more reliable.

New Allocation

After the chaos of the interworking the 43 continued to use Scania OmniCity’s and the odd Prestige but in early November changes were made to have Double Deckers on the 43 on weekdays to ease passenger numbers at peak times. This includes using M and N reg East Lancs E-Types bodied Scania’s and R reg Northern Counties Palatine II bodied DAF DB250’s depleting the quality of the 43 rapidly. So daily the 43 now uses at 1 or 2 doubles of any type and 1 or 2 single deckers that are usually OmniCity’s of Prestiges but this can also be Solo’s or Pulsars.

New intake of Pulsars to Durham/Belmont Depots

19 Pulsars have arrived over them last few weeks although its unknown what they have been purchased for. They were originally for Belmont for the 22/23/24/24X/50 but they are also seen on Durham services such as the 49, 63, 64, 46 and 6. There regs can be found in the New Fleet List at the top of the page with all the vehicles in Durham and Belmont depots.


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