Posted by: SB Websites | December 20, 2011

New and Old…

Today the 43 sees Palatine 7450 in use again alongside another decker working with this being 7263 the only E Type left that’s painted red as 7266 is now withdrawn. Earlier today 7263 replaced Palatine 7449 for a unkown reason. One of the new Pulsars is in service today alongside the other 2 heavy machines. A Pulsar has been on the 43 before although only for one journey on Saturday’s, this is the first time one has been in service on a weekday all day. So today’s 43 is:

  • 1463 – NK61 CXU
  • 7449 – R206 CKO s/o 7263 – M170 GRY
  • 7450 – R207 CKO

Showing the current variety on the 43 is Palatine 7450 and New Pulsar 1463 at Ushaw Moor.



  1. Nice one… 🙂

  2. So what happened a bus had a mishap

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