Posted by: SB Websites | January 4, 2012

Major Fare Increase

Yesterday saw the major fare increases to all Arriva North East services including many saver tickets. Normal standard single and return fares were advertised to rise by about 10-30p but what a shock the people of the Deerness Valley had to see that the fares have increased to almost triple that at 70p-£1 fare increases.  Telling people the fares are going rise is good going as many other times they have not bothered but to tell them the wrong amount is most certainly not satisfactory! So, people are now having to reach deeper into their pockets for the short commute into Durham once again. Although about 50% of the passengers have turned straight back round and walked off the modern vehicles that are out today and make alternative arrangements into Durham. As a regular user of the 43 I find that many will still pay this price or begin to buy day tickets or weekly tickets but I know for certain that SB Travel’s outstanding quality of service and cheap fares goes a similar route on service 52 will get more custom as a cheap alternative for the 43. All I can say is SB Travel’s future looks bright. But the 43’s future looks grim.  Todays 43 consists of:

  • 1417 – NK09 EJF
  • 4646 – NK05 GWZ
  • 4663 – NK07 FZF



  1. That is the sign that really dislike very very very very very very much

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