Posted by: SB Websites | January 7, 2012

Prestige swaps Pulsar swaps Omni

Today the 43 had from the start of the day a Pulsar and 2 Omnicity’s. After going out to Bishop Auckland and Newcastle I returned to Durham ready to take the 18:30 43 from Durham home which was allocated Pulsar 1422. It arrived into Durham 10 minutes early where it lined up with Omni 4646 as it was running late. 4646 left the bus station on the supposed to be 18:10 journey after the driver decided to fiddle on with destination display. Pulsar 1422 then backed up from the stand after unloading only 2 passengers and kept on backing up from stand H up to stand C which is a pretty dangerous manoeuvre in the dark going reverse on a blind corner as a Go North East Lolyne was parked next to it. The driver then left it in Stand C. Then after 4072 had arrived from Peterlee on the 24 it parked into stand D and then changed its destination to the 43. Why it came on the 43 is unknown. It backed up and went into stand H ready for service to Esh Winning and back. 4072 unlike the other Prestiges at Durham doesn’t chuck out black exhaust fumes and have a high revving engine; it also didn’t idle that bad. Pulsar 1422 then replaced Omni 4656 on the 18:50 journey for another unknown reason. So today’s 43 is:

  • 1422 – NK09 EJX s/o 4072 – S714 KRG
  • 4646 – NK05 GWZ
  • 4656 – NK05 GXL s/o 1422 – NK09 EJX

Below are 1422 (with its new rear advert) and 4646 parked in Stands G and H. You can see the green glow from 4646’s brighttech display on the H painted on the bus station roof. Then DAF 4072 parked at Stand D.


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