Posted by: SB Websites | January 20, 2012

Sole MPD Works 43

Today the 43 had some interesting workings. It started out with 4647, leather-seated 4664 and E Type 7263. At about 15:40 4647 broke down during the busiest journeys and this didn’t go down well when recently transferred MPD V722 DNL replaced it. 1722 oddly wears school bus stickers, as does many other vehicles at Durham depot like Pulsar 1419 NK09 EJJ. Later in the day at 5’o clock Omnicity 4663 replaced E type 7263 making the 43 fully low floor for the rest of the evening. Also of note is that 4664 ran on night journeys which is the first time this year the night journey has been operated by an Omnicity with it tending to be a Prestige or a New 61 reg Pulsar. So today’s 43 is:

  • 4647 – NK05 GXA s/o 1722 – V722 DNL
  • 4664 – NK07 FZG
  • 7263 – N162 VVO s/o 4663 – NK07 FZF


  1. Well that is a good combination a v- dnl and a n- vvo bus on

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