Posted by: SB Websites | February 14, 2012

The 43 is getting newer…

Today the 43 saw use of 2 61 reg Pulsar’s operate all day without being taken out of service which so far is quite rare. Although Pulsar 1465 had a problem just outside of the comprehensive school in Ushaw Moor where problems with the wheelchair ramp stopped it from moving even though the ramp was folded ready to go. After a ring to the depot to ask why it wasn’t working he gave the ramp a kick on the floor and revved the engine and it got going again. Not good for a 4 week old Pulsar! So today’s 43 is:

  • 1461 – NK61 CXS
  • 1465 – NK61 CXW
  • 4663 – NK07 FZF

Below is 1461 turning into Ushaw Moor Oakridge Road next to the now privately owned Sports Centre, 1465 in Whitehouse Court with a broken ramp and 4663 on Ushaw Moor Whitehouse Lane.



  1. I think it is nice that arriva Durham are trying different buses frequently

    • To Phillip,

      At that time the 43 did get both, of course I preferred the OmniCity’s since they have a 6 cylinder CN94UB.


  2. I would rather have a Gemini or a cadet

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