Posted by: SB Websites | March 3, 2012

New Gemini travels on the 43!

Today the 43 had an interesting start with recently transferred Lowlander 7443 working alongside a Pulsar and an OmniCity. Also entering service this week were the 2 VDL DB300/Wright Gemini 2 for the 49/49A. 7626 NK61 EBV was seen on the 49 and 7627 was on the X1/X2 until 17:40 when it arrived into Durham but instead of heading to depot swapped onto the 43 making 7443 make a trip on the long 57 to Peterlee. By sheer luck I managed to be on the first journey of a new Pulsar on the 43 in December and the first journey of a Gemini on the 43. Compared to the Pulsar’s; with literally no suspension and riddled with faults; the Gemini’s are the complete opposite and seem very high standard compared to the Palatines, E- Types and Lowlanders which would be used for Double Decker diagrams. Zooming up over Relly Bridge as if it was nothing. I look forward to these being on again as it also eased passenger loadings as the 17:45 journey i always pretty busy! So today the 43 is:

  • 1422 – NK09 EJX
  • 4654 – NK05 GXH
  • 7443 – Y693 EBR s/o 7627 – NK61 EBX

Below is 1422 on Durham North Road heading out onto the 43, 7443 laying over in Durham Bus Station for the 5 minutes layover for the 20 minute frequency to kick in and 7627 in Ushaw Moor unloading passengers.



  1. Well that is good

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