Posted by: SB Websites | March 31, 2012

Sightings in Durham City Centre 31/03/12

Today has seen VDL SB220 / Wright Pulsar 2 1418 NK09 EJG join the “school bus crew” as it gained a rear school bus sticker that has been unthoughtfully applied over the Wright chrome bar and already peeling off at the corner. So, the School Bus vehicles now consist of:

  • 1415 – NK09 EJG VDL SB220 / Wright Pulsar 2
  • 1419 – NK09 EJJ VDL SB220 / Wright Pulsar 2
  • 1722 –  V722 DNL Dennis MPD Plaxton Pointer
  • 1795 – Y258 KNB Dennis Dart SLF Alexander ALX200
  • 1796 – Y259 KNB Dennis Dart SLF Alexander ALX200
  • 2814 – YK08 ETJ Optare Solo M950 Optare
  • 2818 – YK08 ETT Optare Solo M950 Optare
  • 2819 – YK08 ETU Optare Solo M950 Optare

Another sighting is the move of DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige 4044 S344 KHN from Durham to Redcar depot for the Summer. 4044 has therefore been removed from the School Bus list as it did indeed wear School Bus Stickers when it was painted into interurban livery at Durham depot. Here it is seen leaving the depot.

Interestingly today saw no Lowlanders in use at all and staying in the depot with 7444 parked outside the depot in the mild drizzle whereas 7441/2/3 were lined up inside coincidentally in numerical order.

An odd working also today saw OmniCity 4647 NK05 GXA in use on services 48/57 which can be seen below.

Another odd working was solo Palatine I 7367 R641 MNU see use on service 56A.

And finally over on Gemini observations today saw 7626 and 7627 stick to allocation and being used on services 49/49A which do not require these deckers. They should see use on the 43 or the X1/X2 which at times do need double deck vehicles.



  1. I think that is excellent that the new double dockers are sticking to there allocated route because Ashington and blyth and Newcastle don’t they put any bus on any route

    • To Phillip,

      At the time the Gemini’s were used on the 49’s but now see use on the X1/X2. Except from that the routes literally get anything, for example the 43 today was N162 VVO, S351 KHN, S638 KHN and Y691 EBR.


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