Posted by: SB Websites | April 2, 2012

Sightings in Durham City Centre 02/04/12

Today saw the new U1 service commence to link the Durham Business School part of Durham University to Ushaw College whilst its dormitries get refurbished. Its a fully subsidised service from the University and operates hourly running express from South Road to Durham City Centre then to Nevilles Cross and then express to Ushaw College. Since it is it’s first day in operation I was shocked to see a full-size Pulsar in use and expected a Solo instead. As seen below not a sole was on the U1 and their wasnt anyone else on all day either so I would expect within the next few days  it to gain a smaller vehicle unless the University specified this sized vehicle. Here is 1418 NK09 EJG on the U1 laying over on Durham North Road.

In other sightings Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander ALX200 1796 Y259 KNB has gained new adverts for Jet2 Holidays replacing Arriva ones from its life at Dalrington depot 6 months ago. The “Boneshaker” (named because of a peice of paper applied with Boneshaker on it on the dashboard) is seen on the 63/64 workings with an unusually quiet load. The 63/64 are cross-city services that gain a high amount of custom and easily surpass other routes profitiability wise but nevertheless Arriva insist on allocating Palatines, E Types, Prestiges and any other low quality vehicles to the services whilst services such as the 50A gain brand new 2012 Pulsars. Here is 1796 below.



  1. God the most worst dart bus in the world they are at blyth now and it broke down on the 308 the longest 2 half hour route in blyth and it broke down and they sent 1733 bus v733 dnl bus made it through to its finishing time 11 45 pm

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