Posted by: SB Websites | May 17, 2012

Sightings in Durham City Centre 17/05/12

Today, 4060 S702 KFT was in use on the 63 and 64 with black tape holding the light clusters in the body work; shoddy Durham fitters at work here! S702 is the worst out of the Prestiges as it can only change gears at red-line revvs, has a herrendous engine buzz and idles itself to peices. It also has no suspension  so all the rattely panels inside seem like they are going to fall off.

Also, door 2 was opened to reveal 4664 gaining a new rear bumper and a repair of the engine transmission into drive. After thinking they had fixed the problem the fitter tried to move her with no success in drive so I assume it was fixed later.

Furthermore, 1501 X475 GGO cut-out in Durham when coming onto the 48 so with slope into the bus station it managed to crawl itself into the stand dead where all the passengers from the 57 disembarked. Its seen here getting its engine looked at which eventually made them to jump-start it which also proved successful and was driven back to depot.


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