Posted by: SB Websites | May 25, 2012

Sightings in Durham City Centre 25/05/12

Firstly, Ex Scotland West Dart X537 GGO was suspended over the pits having maintenance done to it probably for use at Durham depot.

Solo 2803 was also over the pits having its engine examined.

Also, unusually outside, was Pulsar 1468 NK61 CXZ getting its tires checked by the fitters and E Type 7263 was parked adjacent for an unknown reason. Most likely for the same reason.

As for the 63 and 64 in use today was: OmniCity NK05 GWZ, ALX200 Darts Y258/295 KNB, MPD V722 DNL, OmniCity CX05 EOW, DAF S714 KRG, Solo YK08 ETR and Dart X475 GGO. Some of which are pictured below:

Meanwhile on the 43 were OmniCity’s CX05 EOV, NK05 GXM and NK07 FZG.

The only reported odd working today was Palatine R207 CKO 7450 in use on the long-winding 50A to Bishop Auckland.


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