Posted by: SB Websites | May 28, 2012

Sightings in Durham City Centre 28/05/12

First, odd working consisted of Pulsar 1419 on the 48 in-place of the usual Solo or Prestige. It shows off its school bus sticker for service 452.

Schoolbus workings today consisted of E Types and Palatines. Here  7264 and 7452  are seen leaving Durham on the 855 and 854 respectively.

A more common working are Deckers on the 50A such as 7263 below. It also seems to have gained new panel joiners in the front which have yet to be painted.

The 43 today consisted of OmniCity 4644, 4657 and 4663. 4663 broke down at Broompark due to the brake pressure and causing the vehicle to stand stationary. Its replacement came in the form of Prestige 4069. Here 4657 is leaving Durham traveling up North Road.

Over on the 63 and 64 it consisted of the usual Y258/259 KNB, V722 DNL. Then Lowlanders 7442 and 7443 were used, alongside Dart 1501, Pulsar 1461 and finally Prestige 4073. Some of which are below.

Then, in the depot was Prestige 4068 getting its rear painted.

Prestige 4072 was getting its engine fixed.

Park and Ride Solo 2861 was getting general attention.



  1. I like it if u get camera for blog not use phone.

    • To Chris,

      Hi, I do use a camera. A Kodak EasyShare C195 to be exact. You may find sometimes the focus on the camera is slightly off or simply I don’t keep the camera still enough whilst taking photos, espically depot shots as I cant lean the camera on a wall or fencepost.


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