Posted by: SB Websites | May 30, 2012

Sightings in Durham City Centre 30/05/12

First of all the 754 had 2 Palatines in use which were R206 CKO and R209 CKO.

The X24 had E Type N164 VVO in use.

The 43 had an rare working today of Solo 2814 in place of the regular OmniCity. It worked alongside a 61 Plate Pulsar and NK07 FZF.

In the depot DAF S709 KFT was seeing attention.

Looking in a pretty bad state an unidentified Prestige looks to be in a withdrawn condition and Lowlander 7444 may see the same fate.



  1. PLEASE stop making assumptions in yourbnews items. Why would the lowlander be withdrawn? It’s Y plate! Also just because a Prestige is parked there for a week does not mean it is withdrawn,

    • To Jack,

      I’m just making the news more interesting for possibilities since no one else monitors the fleet closely. From now on I will not make such assumptions and consequently cease including such updates of vehicles that are out of service parked on Door 4.


  2. i would love to know what has happend to the 289/281/174 buses
    and the nk09 bpu/o rv uses

    • Hi,
      It is believed the Scania L113 / East Lancs Europeans have all been scrapped. Not sure what you mean about the Pulsars, they are still in use on the X1.


  3. Ahh that is why there dart slfs that have suddenly moved here

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