Posted by: SB Websites | September 10, 2012

Arriva Durham Update 10/09/12

Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400’s  7432 W397 RBB, 7433 W398 RBB, 7434 W399 RBB and 7435 W501 RBB now see use at Durham depot with their CoastLiner vinlys removed and sporting new front Hanover Displays replacing the front powered scroller blinds. On their first day in service they saw use on the 2 754/50 workings but one also made a midday journey on the 43. Below is 7432 laying over in Durham before going onto the 43 and 7435 on the 754 to Langley Park.

In other news, 1722 V722 DNL has moved to Jesmond depot covering for a fire-damaged B10BLE. Also, presumably in exchange for the ALX400’s, Pulsars 1418 NK09 EJG and 1419 NK09 EJJ have moved to Jesmond. E Type 7263 was officially due up for disposal but now is being retained in service for reserve but sees daily use.


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