Posted by: SB Websites | September 28, 2012

Arriva Durham Update 28/09/12

After 7 years of strong service Scania OmniCity’s CN94UB NK05 GXA, NK05 GXH, NK05 GXL, and NK05 GXM have left Durham and moved to Darlington for service X66 to make the service low floor. Also, according to the latest fleet allocation ex Liverpool OmniCity’s CX05 EOW and CX05 EOY are due to move to Darlington as well.  With a large vehicle swap-over spanning the entire North East Durham then gain 2 VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini 2’s. These are said to be 7618 NK61 EBG and 7619 NK61 EBJ. Also, an unusual transfer to Durham is in the shape of ex Jesmond E Type 7261 M172 GRY. Here below shows a view that now enters the history books with services such as 43 and X2 now gaining Durham’s strong fleet of 19 2011 Pulsars. In the distance is 4644 CX05 EOW which is also supposed to move this weekend as mentioned above.


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