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Durham Bus Update 01/01/13

Arriva Durham County

Durham depot has finally closed its doors for the very last time with all work now being operated from the new facility at Belmont meaning there is only one depot left that was United operated and still in use which is Jesmond.  The depot has been operated by United and then transferred to Arriva and is in a more suitable location being just 1 minute away from the bus station but 1 depot is cheaper to run than two leading to the closure. The structure still currently stands with its doors and gates locked ready for demolition and the building of 19 dwellings.

SAM_0470 - Copy

This is Durham depot on the final night of operation on the 1st December 2012 with very little vehicles being stored and getting ready to be transferred to the new site in Belmont Industrial Estate.

In line with the October service changes E Type 7261 M172 GRY and N183 OYH have moved to Durham. Other vehicle transfers include Scania OmniCity’s CX05 EOW, CX05 EOY, NK05 GXA, NK05 GXH, NK05 GXL and NK05 GXM to Darlington depot leaving Durham with only CX05 EOV, NK05 GWZ, NK07 FZF and NK07 FZG. Also, we have gained DAF DB250 R201 CKO from Arriva Merseyside and vehicles transferred from Darlington which are Darts X534 GGO, X535 GGO, S638 KHN, R428 COO, R429 COO and R430 COO. Furthermore Durham have acquired two VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini’s from Blyth depot which are NK61 EBG and NK61 EBJ. DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestige S704 KFT  has also moved to Teesside which was semi-refurbished after major engine failure. Also Optare Solo 2815 YK08 ETL has transferred to Jesmond for NexusBus duties.

SAM_0287 - Copy

Here E Type 7261 approaches Bishop Auckland Bus Station on the newly extended 56 from the October Service changes.

SAM_0207 - Copy

Recently transferred 1315 stands outside Durham depot awaiting duties.

SAM_0502 - Copy

Pulsar 1461 is seen in Crook on the re-introduced 46 service ready to head back to Durham.

Central Coaches of Newton Aycliffe

The vehicle on Arriva’s service 42 providing custom from Durham to Brasside goes off to operate a school journey on a morning and on an afternoon and therefore Central Coaches operate a Fiat Bluebird van which comes off the Newton Aycliffe circular to operate 2 round trips whilst Arriva’s vehicle is out on school duties. It is painted white with small logos.

Go North East

All Volvo B5HL’s are now in service on the Angel Service 21 giving the service a brand new high-profile as they sport leather headrests, Wi-fi, Next-Stop Technology and an outstanding upgrade to the livery. There are also 2 old bodied Wright Gemini’s in the same two-tone green livery to backup for the hybrids. They are extremely smooth and comfortable to ride and make quite an impact in Durham when next to some of Arriva’s 18 year old Deckers.

SAM_0200 - Copy

Here, NK62 CZL is unloading in Durham Bus Station showing off its striking new livery.

SAM_0279 - Copy

Also, the X20 is now withdrawn with the X21 now operating every 30 minutes, this image above shows the last ever X20 journey in Durham.

Scarlet Band of West Cornforth

To cater for the increased PVR they have acquired 8 Enviro 200 Darts which are  all painted white with small red Scarlet Band logos and are mostly found on the new Hourly 58 service as well as many other contracted routes such as the 47 and Barnard Castle services.


Here Scarlet Band Enviro 200 Dart MX10 KNO is seen in Brandon on the first journey of the contracted 47 Service. – Thanks to Alex Kennedy for photo –


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